Save Money with Kids Back at School

Make back-to-school more Exciting by Saving Money!

Parents get excited when kids go back to school. One of the benefits of children going back to school is it can also save you money on your Energy Bill. Winnie, here are 3 ways to enjoy the school year while putting money back in your wallet

Unplug your devices

Chances are your kids won't be using all their electronics while they're away at school. Unplug and power off your unused electronics to stop them from using "vampire energy": energy that leaks out from plugs, chargers, and electronics while still plugged in.

Adjust your thermostat

With kids away at school, you will have fewer warm bodies to keep cool. There's no need to blast the air conditioner, even if it's still hot outside. Adjust your thermostat a few degrees higher, and keep in mind, you can save 4 - 8% on cooling costs for each degree raised.

Keep busy after school

Instead of having your bored kids play on their electronics. Keep your kids out of the house by encouraging after-school activities. If your children are occupied with sports, music lessons, and clubs, you can save money during the expensive hours of peak energy demand.