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Synergy is a Californian Energy Efficiency Contractor

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Synergy is a one stop shop to lower energy costs

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Participate in California Utility Programs

The state provides several no cost or rebated programs to decrease your energy usage while also increasing comfort in your home.

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No Cost Utility Programs

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We help homeowners like your Save Money

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Unbeatable prices

Whether it's a no cost program or advanced upgrades, there are options for you.

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We service from Northern to Southern California.


40+ years experience helping Californians meet their comfort and energy needs.

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"We Treat People Right" is not just a motto but a way of life.

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Choose from budget friendly options for every family.

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Look no further! Choose a solution from our one stop shop to increase comfort at home.


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Whether it’s heating or cooling, insulation or other services, Synergy will help lower energy costs and increase comfort in your home.


Meet our awesome team


Synergy Companies was established in 1981 providing attic insulation for the San Francisco area.

Today, we offer an array of services and have helped over a half a million Californian's increase their energy efficiency and comfort in their home from Northern to Southern California.



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No Cost Programs

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Repair, Replace & Tune-up

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