Cool Down with a Whole House Fan

A quick, simple, and energy efficient way to cool down

Lower Cooling Costs

Up to 90% Savings

Cool Quickly

Fast Comfort

Breathe Better

Cleaner Indoor Air

Quiet Operation

Peace of Mind

Keeping your home comfortable should be easy—

But there is a problem...

Struggling to Stay Cool

Hard to cool home in evening

High Energy Bills

Energy bills double during the summer


Expensive to stay comfortable

A whole house fan is meant to increase comfort in your home and lower your energy bills.
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Lower Cooling Costs by up to 90%

Increase Comfort and Lower Electric Bills


What is a Whole House Fan?

A whole house fan can help you save up to 90% on your cooling costs.

Cool Home Quickly

Pull fresh outdoor air into your home to keep you cool.

Efficiency Home

All Day Comfort

Push hot air out of your attic to keep your home comfortable longer.

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QuietCool Whole House Fans

Quiet and Efficient

Trident Pro

Powerful and max comfort

Stealth Pro

Quietest and most efficient

Attic Fans

Lower cooling costs
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Benefits of a Whole House Fan

Cools Quickly

Bring outdoor fresh air into your home & push out hot attic air making your home up to 10° cooler or more

Lower A/C & Operating Costs

Save up to 90% on your cooling costs using a whole house fan instead of your air conditioning

Prolong the Life of Your A/C

Your attic stays cooler during the day with a whole house fan, reducing your A/C usage and increase lifespan of unit

Breathe Cleaner Air

Blow out trapped pollutants, germs, gasses, replaced with fresh outdoor air, improving your indoor air quality

Quiet Operation

QuietCool uses patented technology to keep the fan further away in your attic, making it a quiet system

Cooler Core of Your Home

A whole house fan can keep the core mass of your home cooler much longer by as much as 30 degrees
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How It Works

Get "Comfort" Easy

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2. Technicians Perform Install

Enjoy an easy install process

3. Enjoy a Comfortable Home

While saving on utility bills

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Reliable Service

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Trusted Professionals

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