Energy Efficiency Day

Energy Efficiency Day

First National Energy Efficiency Day

In an effort to promote energy conservation, this Wednesday will be the nation’s first annual Energy Efficiency Day. Multiple groups and organizations are coming together to both promote and spread awareness of this effort being put forth. This is an opportunity to come together as a nation in order to promote this worthy cause.

Why Energy Efficiency?

We live in a world that is completely dependent on energy in many ways, shapes and forms. Aside from air conditioning and keeping the lights on, just think of the countless number of devices and appliances which we so often find ourselves using and how each one of these items needs to be plugged in or have its battery charged on a regular basis. Consider the millions and millions of homes, businesses, and industrial facilities throughout our country, and the energy required daily to keep them up and running.  When thought of on a large scale like this, it’s absolutely mind boggling! This incredible demand for energy requires facilities such as power plants and other resources to be in operation in order to produce the energy required to meet our energy wants and needs as a nation. If demand for energy exceeds what’s being produced, then problems such as blackouts come as a result.

Even though outages may occur, the ideal solution is not to have to build more power plants.  The ideal outcome would be to figure out how to do more with less. Energy efficiency does just that. Aside from clean energy sources such as solar, wind and geothermal, energy efficiency can essentially be seen as another source of clean energy supply. If everyday energy users, in homes and businesses, were to take some time to make some needed changes, there would be a tremendous impact on the amount of energy supply needed for our nation!  This in turn would help reduce the need for building more power plants and adding additional infrastructure. The beautiful part about energy efficiency is that homes and businesses benefit from the savings on their utility bills and the nation as a whole will benefit from being able meet the energy demands placed upon it in a much cleaner and more efficient way.  Join this nationwide effort by looking at how you can begin making a contribution by using your energy more efficiently today!