Energy-Saving Spring Activities

It’s May when the birds and the bees are outside and the flowers are blooming.

The weather is getting warmer and the day is getting longer. By being outside, you won’t use as much electricity in your house, saving you energy and allowing you to spend quality time with your family and friends. Here are some activities you can do for the remainder of the spring season.

Garden Together

Plant seeds and watch your plants grow with your family, whether that may be food, flowers, plants, or native plants. Your kids can help you in the yard with many gardening tasks to help them get off their phone or television screens and build new skills. Make sure to unplug or use a smart plug to switch off unused appliances.

Play in the Rain

Spring means a lot of rain. It can be cold outside, but playing in the rain can be a very fun activity. Play directly under the rain. Otherwise, you wouldn’t want to get sick by being outside for too long, so bundle up with wearing proper clothing, like your raincoat and boots, or using an umbrella. When you’re done, you can dry off, get warm with a hot drink, and watch a movie or play board games with your family. 

Do a Park Cleanup

Litter can be an eyesore, but also bad for the environment. If you have a park that you go to often or is nearby, challenge yourself as well as your family and friends to count and pick up the pieces of litter. Use gloves and hand sanitizer when necessary. You may be surprised by the amount of trash you pick up whenever you’re at a park, beach, or other public spaces. 

Visit the Flower Fields

Whether that is a farm or flower fields in the wild, seek them to spend some time outdoors. You can entertain your family by learning the names of the flowers that grow only during the spring season. Be careful not to step or pick the flowers. Instead, you can simply take photos of or with them and when you're back at home, you can search the names of these spring flowers.

Exercise Outside

You can go for a walk, run, hike, or play a sport with your family or friends. It’s a great opportunity to encourage some healthy habits with your kids by finding new ways to get moving outdoors. Getting exercise while being outside is a great way to take care of your mind and body and spend time outside.

Take a Camping Trip

Unplug for a few days and be with nature. Who knows? Time with the great outdoors may be just what you need to recharge. A good thing about camping is that you don’t have to go far because there are many locations nearby. There are over 15,000 camping sites in the state of California with 340 miles of coastline and 970 miles of lakes and rivers, according to the California Department of Parks and Recreations.

It's nice being outside with loved ones whatever the activity may be. While being outside with nature, you are able to not only save energy in your home, but also spend quality time and make memories with your family and friends.