Energy Saving Tips to Gobble Up This Thanksgiving

Your home gets a serious workout on Thanksgiving. While you may be packing on the pounds, your home is sweating from increased usage. Try these tips to save you cash on energy bills and to give your home a break.

Prepare for Guests

Before you start cooking, turn down your thermostat a degree or two. The extra heat from your oven will keep you nice and cozy. The same applies if you are expecting family to visit, since people generate heat, the space may become wastefully overheated.

Cook Faster with Lids

Use a "lids-on" approach for cooking. Tightly fitted lids on pots and pans help keep heat in, enabling you to lower the temperature settings and shorten the cooking times.

Clean Up

When all of the cooking is done, turn off your dishwasher's drying cycle and let your dishes air dry. It might take a bit longer, but if you run it at night before going to bed (when the use of electricity is lowest) you won't even notice the difference- but you might see a drop in your energy bill!