Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas in Energy

'Tis the season for decking the halls and celebrating with loved ones.

Ten Tips to Save Energy in Your Home During the Holidays

If you’re making a list and checking it twice, finding extra ways to save energy is always nice. Starting with lights, save more by using these tips!

1. Deck the halls with LED lights.

LED holiday lights use up to 90% less electricity than incandescent lights. The initial cost of LED light strings is higher, but they are more robust and last up to 10x longer. LED bulbs are also cooler to the touch than incandescent bulbs, reducing potential risks of fire. Make sure to also turn off other lights when holiday lights are on.

2. Use timers and smart strips.

Set timers, and use smart strips for your lights and other decorations. Timers will allow you to not forget to turn the lights on when it gets dark and off at bedtime. Aim to keep holiday lights on for less than five hours a day. Smart strips will allow you to not drain unused energy when you're away by a flick of a switch.

3. Decorate without lights.

Consider opting for classic decorations that don’t light up. Think wreaths, garland, strings of popcorn, shiny ornaments, festive ribbon, nutcrackers – even battery operated and regular candles under supervision - can be used throughout the house to decorate entryways, staircases, mantels and much more! What are some of your favorite “unplugged” holiday décor ideas?

4. Let the sunshine in.

Keep curtains and shades open during the day but keep in mind to close them before nightfall to reduce the cool temperature from coming in and to lower drafts from windows and doors. In addition, by investing in energy efficient curtains, it also helps keep the cool temperatures out at night as well.

5. Turn lamps and other lights off when the tree is lit.

Not only will you have a lot of light from your holiday lights, but you can also enjoy the peaceful ambiance when you only have your holiday lights on from your tree. 

6. Find and seal leaks.

Be sure to seal air leaks around chimneys, pipes, outlets and other unfinished spaces in your home. In addition, caulk or weather-strip doors and windows that are drafty.

7. Unplug.

What better way to save energy in your house than to unplug by leaving for a trip to the mountains or the outdoors? Instead of giving physical gifts, plan for a trip with your family. These electronics and others use energy even when they aren’t turned on. Before you leave for your trip, make sure to unplug the following electronics:

  • Television
  • Printers 
  • Radios 
  • Battery, phone chargers
  • Computers, monitors and their cords

8. Buy gifts that use alternative energy.

Think of gifts that can be useful during emergencies. Innovative gifts like solar-powered flashlights, crank radios or a generator with a solar panel can help you tremendously, without drawing power from the grid, during blackouts and other emergencies. In addition to this emergency kit, give the gift of sweaters, socks, blankets and scarves when the thermostat is turned down as well as books that do not need electricity at all.

9. Ask Santa to upgrade your thermostat.

Invest in a smart thermostat, and lower your house temperature by 68 degrees Fahrenheit during certain times of the day. You can save more than 15% on your energy costs.

10. Give the gift or buy gifts of smart technology.

Smart technology and other energy efficient appliances can help you save money in the long run. Technology and energy efficient equipment such as the following can make great gifts for you family, friends or for yourself:

  • Smart strips
  • Smart thermostats
  • Tankless water heaters
  • Furnaces
  • Washing machines

If you would like to find out other ways how you can save, schedule an appointment with Synergy Companies today and receive a no cost home energy inspection. You may qualify for a smart thermostat at no cost.