National Energy Awareness Month

October is National Clean Energy Awareness Month! It is when the federal government is "Leading by Example" throughout the month and encourages organizations, agencies and many others, like yourself, to implement energy saving practices and technologies.‍

As the months are getting cooler, have you ever wondered where your energy to heat your home or business comes from?

Behind the scenes, hundreds of people are working collaboratively together to make energy possible and have energy delivered to you affordably and reliably.

In addition to the football season, pumpkin spice lattes, cooler weather, Halloween costumes and other seasonal activities, October is seen as the National Energy Awareness Month, sponsored by the U.S. Energy Administration, which is an annual effort highlighting the significance of energy to our nation's energy economy and security.

The “National Energy Awareness Month” was first implemented in September 1991 by President George Bush. He encouraged governments, organizations, and agencies to raise awareness for the importance of managing the nation’s energy resources to increase sustainability. Today, we continue to pave the path to optimize energy resilience and security by using advanced, distributed energy technologies.

Why is Energy Important?

Besides what you see at home, in essence, lighting, cooling and heating homes and buildings, electricity is much more important than what meets the eye. Energy infrastructure is a lifeline for our nation. 

Electricity was a critical element of the nation’s coronavirus pandemic response and continues to help our livelihoods flourish, sustaining our emergency and modern medical care, sanitation and clean water systems, internet infrastructure and many other areas.

Natural gas, in which the majority of our electricity comes from, helps us survive by heating and cooling our homes, businesses, schools, hospitals and ultimately, all public buildings. In addition, the byproducts of electricity are woven into the fabric of our society by creating everything from clothes, food, cars to medicine.

Why is Your Individual Action in Saving Energy Important?

Individual action has a major impact on our energy resources. The worldwide adoption of energy efficient appliances and equipment would collectively reduce global energy consumption by more than 10 percent, save $350 billion in energy bills and decrease global carbon emissions by 1.25 billion tons every year!

It is not difficult to find resources to help you save energy, but the potential to increase your personal energy efficiency in your home can be underestimated and untapped. It is why there are so many behavioral energy efficiency programs and initiatives to unlock the huge potential of individual action. By using data analysis provided by feedback from consumers, behavioral energy efficiency programs target incentives and savings advice that’s easy for you to understand. Programs such as these can potentially decrease energy use by 26,000 GWh, reduce electricity bills by $3 billion and reduce our national carbon footprint by more than 8.9 million metric tons per year.

How Can I Do My Part?

During fall, cold temperatures cause electricity bills to increase due to continuous use of heating systems which accounts for up to 42% of your residential energy use. It can be tempting to turn up the heat when it gets cooler, but your energy usage can be lowered by ensuring your HVAC systems are properly maintained. You can reduce 20% of your heating bills by simply sealing air leaks around your ceilings, walls, doors, windows, switches, fixtures and electrical outlets. You can also save an additional 10% by installing a smart programmable thermostat in your home to prevent any unnecessary energy use.

You might not know where to start if this gets confusing or expensive, but that is why we are here. You can start by requesting an appointment with Synergy Companies for an energy audit and ask for a program that you may qualify for. Synergy Companies has many programs to help you save energy while lowering your costs. 

It is important to reflect not only during Energy Awareness Month, but also every day. Whatever you do, remember that your choices do add up and matter.