Rainy Day Savings

Rainy days can be stressful when you are outside. It can be cold and wet. There is always a bright side, even with the gloomy weather. The rainy season often comes with lower electricity bills where demand is reduced. Try these tips to save you energy during the rainy season.

Tips to Save Energy on Rainy Days

Let the Light In

With continuous overcast skies, it would require better lighting than usual. For more lighting during rainy days, pull back your curtains during the day and close them before the day ends, to let light and warmth in. In addition, if you haven’t done so already, switch your incandescent light bulbs to LED.

Soup for Rainy Days

Ovens and stovetops require more energy than slow cookers when cooking your meals. Make a big pot of soup in your slow cooker. This is also a good time to try other rainy day recipes in your slow cooker, crock pot, microwave, or appliances. These warm meals may save you money not only on your utility bills, but also time and money for your lunch and dinner during the week.

Connect with Loved Ones

A rainy day is the perfect time to call that friend or family member you’ve been meaning to catch up with. In addition, reconnect with your family by going tech-free in the living room and playing good old indoor games. It doesn’t have to be a board or card game. It could be an indoor treasure hunt or indoor camping. This will allow you to spend quality time and make memories with your family while saving energy.


Saving electricity is also a matter of habit. Unused appliances and electronics still use energy when they are not in use or on standby which is called "vampire energy." The solution is to unplug these electronics or use a smart strip. A Stanford University research shows that vampire energy is responsible for 10% of energy use in American households. That is at least $4 billion paid for wasted energy.

Layer Up

Wear a comfy sweater, layers, and socks. This will prevent you from increasing the temperature of your thermostat. It is smart to keep your temperature around 68 degrees Fahrenheit (or turn your thermostat completely off) to save energy as well as money on your utility bills on rainy and other cold days during the winter season in Southern California.

Work Out

Rainy days can mean lazy days. Although being on the couch while watching your television is most comfortable, there are many activities to keep you warm. Why not sweat it out with home exercises? This can keep you from increasing the temperature of your thermostat, helping you save energy. If you want to get results, you can stay consistent with your workout routines as well as saving energy on your energy bills whether it's raining or not.

Rainy Day Cleaning

Get a jump start on your spring cleaning! Clogged air filters and air vents do not allow your system to work properly, causing it to use more energy than necessary. Clean your air vents or replace your air filter of your heating and cooling system. This will help your heating and cooling system work more efficiently and not work as hard. It is advised to replace your air filters once or twice a year.

Slow Down

Time can fly by so quickly with busy day to day tasks for yourself and your family. Rainy days can help you slow down and reset. Turn off all electronics, and watch the rain. Enjoy the sound of the rain drops, meditate, or do breathing exercises. Use this time for gratitude, staying positive and grounded, and being present.

Lower Your Water Temperature

Turn your water heater down to 115 degrees. Most water heaters are automatically set to 140. Your water heater can account up to 20% of your entire energy bill. By reducing the temperature by just several degrees, you could have some serious money on your utility bills not only during the rainy or cold season, but also throughout the year. Another way to increase savings is putting an insulation jacket around your unit. According to Energy Star, you can save up to $30 a year.

You may qualify for an insulation jacket for your water heater at no cost. Call or request an appointment today to see how else you can energy around your house at 1-800-818-4298.