Save Energy This Fourth of July Weekend

How can you help increase your own energy efficiency this weekend? Celebrate Independence Day with fireworks and other festivities while managing your energy costs with these tips.

Fourth of July Sales

Take advantage of the holiday sales, and upgrade your home with an ENERGY STAR appliance. There's also that old CRT TV that you've been wanting to get rid off, so it may be time to replace it with an energy efficient LED TV, saving you energy in the long run.

BBQ Cookout

Nothing says a Fourth of July weekend more than a backyard cookout! Instead of using the oven, using the grill will help your home cooler and doesn't make your A/C unit work too hard. So turn on your grill! Not only will your stomach thank you, but also your wallet.

Fourth of July Activities

Check out your city's schedule for special events during the biggest outdoor celebration of the year. There may be festivals, sporting events, concerts and spectacular fireworks shows on the Fourth of July agenda. For the day, keep your thermostat at 85 degrees or turn it off altogether, and enjoy the outdoor festivities!