Spring Cleaning Saves You Energy

During this time of year, it is raining, birds are chirping, and flowers are blooming. Your surroundings say to enjoy the outdoors, yet you come home speaks otherwise - spring cleaning. Use this time to clean collect those dust bunnies and breathe clean air comfortably again in your home when using the following tips.

Clean Your Washing Machine

Do you rely on your washing machine to clean your clothes? A dirty washing machine doesn’t effectively clean your clothes due to dirt and lint as well as soap being built up in the machine. Scrub the seals, gaskets, and dispensers and clean the tub rim and filter with towels soaked with hydrogen peroxide or white vinegar.

Clean Your Oven

Your oven can accumulate food residue the more you use it. Clean the heating coils, oven door, and walls, to help make your oven run more efficiently. This can allow your oven to heat and cook your food properly with less energy and money compared to an oven that it isn't clean.

Replace Your Air Filters

If your home has a central air system, take this opportunity to replace your filters. Your filters can work harder if there is too much dust or dirt collected which means your filter will use more energy. Clean or replace your filters to make your system more efficient and help you save energy and money in your utility bills and improve the air quality of your home.

Wipe the Dust Away 

Over time, surfaces in your home will collect dust to a point where these dusty surfaces can make your home more inefficient. Clean your windows to allow natural light to get in and dust your lightbulbs. By dusting your windows and lightbulbs, it can allow you to use less of your lights inside and have your light bulbs work more efficiently.

Clean the Refrigerator

Condensing coils cool your refrigerator. If dust collects on the coils, the efficiency of the refrigerator will dramatically decrease which increases your energy costs to run it. Clean your refrigerator coils regularly at least once a year to provide optimal performance.

Clean Your Air Ducts and Vents

Over time, dust and debris can be collected in your air ducts and vents. Cleaning out all the dust and debris makes things easier for both your lungs and your heating and cooling systems. Not only will you save energy, but you may even increase the lifespan of your system. Having a professional contractor clean your duct is an easy way to reduce allergens, bacteria, mold, and other dust particles to help improve the air quality of your home. Request an appointment to see if duct cleaning is available in your area.

Inspect Windows & Doors 

Along with cleaning the glass in your doors and windows, check the screens and tracks. Dirt and grit in the track can ruin the door's seal and create gaps where warm air can escape and cool air can enter and vice versa. By cleaning the track, you will be able to keep the gaps close and not allow any energy wasted.

Seal any possible cracks and openings around the home to prevent cool air from escaping. You can do this by buying weather stripping and/or duct tape to seal any potential air leaks you may come across.

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