Start Your Career in an Essential Industry

America's energy efficiency sector is the nation's fastest growing and largest energy jobs sector. Start your career in an industry that is year-round and essential to help Californians save energy and water in their communities.

Over 2.3 million Americans

There are over 2.3 million Americans working in the energy efficiency sector. About 28% of U.S. energy workers are involved in energy efficiency. This is twice as many workers as all fossil fuel sectors combined.

Top States in Energy Efficiency Jobs

(1) California ~318,000 jobs
(2) Texas ~162,000 jobs
(3) New York ~123,000 jobs
(4) Florida ~118,000 jobs
(5) Illinois ~89,000 jobs

Workers in Energy Efficiency

America's energy efficiency sector has jobs of the following:
HVAC (Heating Ventilation & Air Conditioning)
~1.1 million jobs
ENERGY STAR® Appliances & Efficient Lighting
~530,000 jobs
Building Materials & Insulation
~350,000 jobs
Vital Energy Efficiency Services
~290,000 jobs