Tips for Valentine's Day Dinner

Here are some energy saving tips for your Valentine's Day dinner.

Five Energy Efficiency Tips to Spend with Your Valentine for Dinner

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. While heading out on the town is the typical plan, staying in and cooking can be magical. Cooking dinner for yourself, partner, or with friends is a great way to connect and spend quality time. Here are five energy efficiency tips to love for your Valentine’s Day dinner.


Take your significant other out for the evening whether that's a dinner, movie, or other couple's activities. During dinnertime, turn off your phone and/or leave it in the car. Before leaving the house, make sure to unplug all electronics. These electronics use energy even when they are plugged in. Otherwise, plan to use a smart strip to turn them off with just a switch of a button. 

Take It Nice & Slow

If you’re not eating out, plan to use appliances that use less energy to make dinner. Use a slow-cooker, an air fryer, toaster oven, microwave or an electric stovetop to cook your dishes. In addition, complete your dinner with a no-bake dessert. The electricity consumption of these electric appliances is relatively low in comparison to traditional cooking appliances. These are great substitutes for cooking without sacrificing the flavor of your dish. 

Turn Down the Lights

Create a romantic setting right at your home by dimming your lights or turning off your lights completely and light up candles (or use LED candles and LED string lights as an alternative). This will set the mood for your Valentine's Day while keeping the energy costs low during a special evening. In addition, while turning off the lights can help save your money for one night, why not change all your lightbulbs to LEDs to save on energy costs throughout the year.

Turn It Off

Have the thermostat set below 68 degrees Fahrenheit or turn off your heating system completely. This gives you an excuse to snuggle up. In addition, turn off all electronics as well as the television and play board games. This can allow you both to spend extra quality time together and make the night memorable.

Turn Up the Heat

Don’t bother using the heater or turning up your thermostat when an electric fireplace can add a touch of romance as well as warmth to your evening. If you plan to snuggle up next to the fire, make sure that your fireplace has been cleaned out and is operating properly, or you can ditch the fireplace altogether and get in an energy-efficient fireplace insert! You may be qualified for a fireplace insert as well as other products and services from one of our programs.

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