What is Vampire Energy & How to Prevent It?

It’s that time of year to talk about vampire energy that threatens your energy bill.

Do you know what vampire energy is and how it affects you?

What is Vampire Energy?

Vampire energy is the electricity being sucked out of your appliances and electronics, even though they are turned off and still plugged in. They not only increase your costs on your electricity bill, but also waste power, putting unnecessary stress on the grid as well as the environment.

How does vampire energy affect me?

Vampire energy also costs money. People that leave electronic devices plugged in unnecessarily in their homes are paying for that unused energy. According to the National Resources Defense Council (NRDC), U.S. households could save $8 billion dollars every year by reducing vampire energy.

Vampire energy affects the environment by producing additional pollution and putting more strain on the power grid. The NRDC have estimated that the amount of energy wasted from vampire energy annually in the U.S. is equivalent to 50 large power plants.

What can I do to prevent Vampire Energy?

Ways to prevent vampire energy and reduce your energy bills are to use technology that turns off devices like smart plugs, invest in energy efficient devices and appliances or to manually unplug devices and turn off lights.

There are other ways to prevent vampire energy from lurking around, by using the following tips:

(1) Use power strips - By using smart strips, you are able to control your consumption of power. In addition, smart power strips are able to automatically turn off the power of your devices when they are not in use. 

(2) Unplug devices you don’t use often - These may be many appliances and other electronic devices that you don’t use often. Consider keeping them unplugged when they are not in use.

  • Cable/satellite boxes
  • Digital TV converters
  • DVR, VCR, DVD players
  • Mobile/cellular devices
  • MP3 players
  • Standby coffee makers
  • Video game consoles
  • Devices that turn on instantly via remote control
  • Devices with standby light or clock

(3) Put it to sleep - Use the energy saving features, such as sleep mode, which are commonly built in your computers and laptops. 

(4) Think about your options - When it’s time to replace old or broken electronic devices and appliances, choose energy efficient products because they will ultimately lower your energy consumption.

Vampire energy is not something that people think about. Otherwise, if you are looking for more ways to reduce your energy bills, request an appointment with Synergy Companies.