Residential Direct Install & Smart Energy Program

Make a difference in your community by joining SCE Residential Direct Install & Smart Energy Program —

Save money and energy in your home, and engage yourself in the bigger picture, reducing power outages and helping thousands of others meet their electricity needs

  • Receive a smart thermostat at no cost
  • Obtain bill credits each year
  • Contribute to a greater cause

How It Works

About the SCE Smart Energy Program

The Southern California Edison (SCE) Smart Energy Program advances our grid by reducing power outages, saving electricity costs, and paving the way for a sustainable future.

During a demand response or "SCE Energy Event," smart thermostats enrolled in the program will have temperatures adjusted to limit A/C usage in your homes.

Also known as a smart grid or virtual power plant, the program achieves the following:

  • Minimize rolling brownouts and power outages
  • Increase efficiency and grid reliability
  • Save energy and control costs

To learn more about the program, check out the SCE Smart Energy Program here.

About the SCE Direct Install Program

Your home may also qualify for the SCE Direct Install Program. 

Once you join the SCE Smart Energy Program, you can receive other products to save more money and energy:

  • High-Efficiency AC Fan Motor
  • Efficient Fan Control
  • Duct Seal
  • Other Energy Efficiency Products
How to Participate
  1. Call 1-800-818-4298 to request an appointment.
  2. Receive no cost services.
  3. Enjoy the energy savings.

*Synergy Companies is an authorized service provider for Southern California Edison (SCE).