Virtual Power Plants in California

How do virtual power plants affect you?

Our population continues to grow as years go by, and the path to reducing our carbon emissions is vital. One of the ways to do so are virtual power plants, thanks to recent technological advances and policies.

A virtual power plant is a collection of energy resources that can be interconnected and operated together, virtually. The traditional way of energy transmission is a power grid. By switching from a conventional, centralized grid to a smarter grid, it helps our energy systems to be more consistent and reliable. One of the benefits is if energy used at home is reduced, then there would be less power needed to produce from a traditional power plant.

Southern California Edison Smart Energy Program is based on an example of a virtual power plant. Customers, who participate on this program, receive a smart thermostat at no cost. Consumers will not only save money and energy in their own homes, but will help thousands of others meet their electricity needs. This, in turn, minimizes rolling brownouts and power outages, increases efficiency and grid reliability, and saves energy and control costs.

To participate in the Southern California Edison Smart Energy Program - check out this page on our website.